The team behind Chalkbeat and Votebeat is excited to introduce Civic News Company, the parent organization of nonprofit newsrooms Chalkbeat, Votebeat, and future beats to come.

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At Civic News Company, our mission is helping people understand how America works so they can make it work better.

At Civic News Company, high-impact journalism is at the core of what we do. We believe that local-first journalism, rooted in the places we cover, is critical to earning and maintaining our readers’ trust. Civic News Company journalists strive to develop subject matter expertise and produce work that brings issues alive for readers, allowing them to engage in informed debate and take action on issues that matter to them.

As an organization grounded in the values of equality and antiracism, we prioritize coverage of the key systems that shape this country and prioritize serving communities often neglected by traditional media. Our nonprofit newsroom is proud to be independent, always seeking the truth without consideration of profit or ideology, which we believe is crucial to fulfilling the promise of American democracy.

Here’s a note we sent to Chalkbeat and Votebeat readers introducing Civic News Company.

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