As the nonprofit publisher of Chalkbeat and Votebeat, Civic News Company is dedicated to providing free local news on the topics that matter most. Our journalists work in communities across the country with full independence — as a free, independent local press working without interference from business, political, or government figures that could sway our coverage.

Our journalists’ independence depends on the support of our community. This year, we’re excited to launch a new way to support the journalists at Chalkbeat and Votebeat: the Freedom of the Press Fund. And right now, thanks to the generous support of the Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine Family Foundation, every donation you make to the Freedom Of The Press Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar. 

Your contribution of $5,000 or more will directly bolster Civic News Company's unwavering commitment to ensuring a free local press and fostering a thriving democracy. 

In these challenging times, the role of independent local journalism is more crucial than ever, and with your support, we can continue to tell stories from Chalkbeat about public education and Votebeat on the integrity of our elections systems. Together we can ensure community members have information they need to vote, be involved in their children’s schools, and engage with each other as neighbors. 

Thank you for championing the democratic ideals we need to maintain a free and informed society.

Members of the Freedom of the Press Fund are invited to quarterly donor briefings focusing on national and local themes across civic issues - public education, voting and elections, public health, and news and information. You’ll hear directly from Civic News Company’s editorial leadership and reporters immersed in neighborhoods and schools. 

We look forward to building an informed and engaged community with you.

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